Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fight for Prosthetic Parity

The battle has begun to bring prosthetic parity to Kansas. The first battle is being fought with the Kansas Health Policy Authority (KHPA). KHPA has denied a state employee Kathleen Gustafson the right to an active and normal life by not allowing her to get a C-Leg through her state insurance. KHPA states that a prosthesis that has electronic components is a “deluxe, luxury” item and they do not cover this in their policy. What is really amazing about all of this is that KHPA also administers the Medicaid programs for Kansas and under those policies, electronic components are covered. Only a state employee is denied a micro-processor leg. As fellow amputees or suppliers for fellow amputees, this cannot be allowed. I am asking for your help.

First, we need to make our legislators aware that the citizens of Kansas will not tolerate such blatant discrimination against the employees of such a great state as Kansas. I am asking you to please write your state legislators and appeal to them to contact KHPA and change this policy Below is a sample letter that can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to your legislators. To find the mailing information of your state legislators, go to the following link .

Second, I am asking you to provide this information to all of your consumers and ask them to write their legislators.

Third, on December 2, 2008; there will be a meeting held in Topeka for a hearing on the matter. We want to fill the room with supporters. Ask employees, friends, fellow O&P’s, consumers, and anybody else to show up at this meeting and show their support. I will be posting within the next week the time and place for the meeting.

Fourth, we need all of your help as we begin the long battle to gain prosthetic parity for the citizens of Kansas. At this time, 11 states have passed parity legislation and there is a bill in both the House and Senate in Washington. We need this legislation for Kansas. In the near future, we will hold a state-wide meeting to organize a grass-roots campaign to bring prosthetic parity to Kansas. To see examples of the legislation that has passed or to read more about the prosthetic parity battle go to the Amputee Coalition of America’s link  If you would like to be involved in this effort to get prosthetic parity, please contact the Western Kansas Limb Loss Support Group and provide your complete contact information. If you would like to be part of the committee to help structure this legislature, let me know. Remember this. For those that own O&P businesses, this will help you in getting fair and equitable coverage for your clients.

For those that would like to read more about Kathleen Gustafson’s battle with the KHPA, go to .

Please support us in this so important battle for people with limb loss. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested.

Bob Barker
Western Kansas Limb Loss Support Group

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